What’s New

The British Columbia Construction Safety Association (BCCSA) has recently completed a review of the External Auditor Program. This consisted of a review of company credentials, employee qualification, written tests and a four day training program.

SafetySavvy Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed all of the above requirements, and is currently designated External Auditor status.

SafetySavvy Inc. is also certified as External Auditors for the Alberta Construction Association (A.C.S.A), ENFORM, Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA) and the Alberta Safety Partnerships Association (AASP).

SafetySavvy Inc. has helped companies in Western Canada with their safety management, training and auditing needs, working with manufacturers, large-scale food production, healthcare and oilfield and gas companies. Recently, SafetySavvy Inc. provided consultation in ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ebola-stricken Africa, where our company was integral in the initial first patient transfer exercise.

With our wide variety of occupational health and safety management, training and auditing services, SafetySavvy Inc. can help you improve your health and safety management systems and provide a cost effective audit process across all Provinces.