Program Audits

Certificates of Recognition (CORs) are issued jointly by a Certifying Partner (e.g., ENFORM, Construction Safety Association, Manufacturers Health and Safety Association), and The Provincial Government ‘s Workplace Partnerships. The COR recognizes that an employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a Certified Auditor using documentation reviews, on-site observations, and employee and management interviews. The COR shows that an employer has in place a health and safety program compliant with standards set up by their Certifying Partner & OH&S.

The audit process usually consists of a qualifying external audit followed by two years of internal or maintenance audits

Achieving & maintaining a valid COR is required for earning refunds from WCB, if registered in the WCB Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR)Program. The PIR program promotes the development of effective workplace health, safety and disability management programs and offers WCB premium incentives for reduced claim costs below predicted targets.

Safety Savvy offers:

  • ENFORM Certified External Auditor providing SECOR, MECOR and COR audits
  • ACSA-Certified Auditor
  • BCCSA-Certified Auditor
  • MHSA-Certified Auditor
  • Return-To-Work Certified Auditor – Work Safe BC
  • Safety Savvy currently provides Safety Management services, including Certified Audits, throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.