Safety Programs

About Safety Programs

A safety program delivers both legislative and site-specific compliance requirements. The design and implementation of a safety program can follow 5 simple steps:

1. Policy
2. Planning
3. Implementation
4. Monitoring, Evaluation, Corrective Actions
5. Review, Re-Evaluation
We Provide:

  • GAP AnalysisGAP analyses allow companies to assess their program content, against current legislation and certifying partner audit protocols. We provide recommendations on component and documentation requirements.
  • Internal Responsibility System (IRS) reviewOne of the most useful ways we assess the efficacy of a safety management program is to evaluate the Internal Responsibility System (IRS)to determine how the components integrate into the overall system. A great deal of today’s safety and environmental legislation is built on the principlesof the IRS, although not mentioned directly in the Act and Code. All levels of employees and outside contractors should be accountable for their health and safety performance.
  • Project Safety Management Planning
  • Design and Implementation of Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Manual review and updates
  • Safety Policy updates
  • Legislative compliance review
  • Hot Spot identification