Ability Management

Ability management allows employees return to meaningful, modified work, within a controlled, medically-driven program. An effective ability management program can reduce or prevent absences, reduce costs and maintain productivity. WorkSafeBC offers, through ENFORM and British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), an additional 5% discount on your current WCB (Workers Compensation Board) costs. Contact us to learn how to take advantage of this program.

Safety Savvy offers:

  • Ability Management program design and implementation

    We can develop a program that provides a structured framework for both employees and employers.

  • Return-to-Work GAP analysis

    A GAP analysis allows companies to gauge their program contents, measured against the WorksafeBC audit tool. We will advise on component and documentation requirements . We are also able to review the return to work program against current or recent WCB claims

  • Certified Disability Management Consultant

    A Certified Disability Management Consultant can develop a return-to-work program , advise of program elements , and provide direction with statistical tracking.

  • Certified Auditor

    There are several ways a certified return-to-work auditor can improve efficiency in your return-to-work systems and may even be able to implement added incentives from Certifying Partners. Contact us directly for more information.