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At Safety Savvy, our goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution for your safety needs .
Here, you can access safety information, training resources, and so much more.
Safety Savvy offers Safety Management services, programs, training, and Certified Auditors.
We help individuals, small companies and large corporations manage standard training programs more efficiently, with a reduction in professional staff time.
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Safe, Smart, Successful. These words don’t just form our tagline, they underpin the very philosophy of Safety Savvy. Safety provides a wide variety of cost-effective services, includes safety programming , training resources, safety and ability management, as well as certified Auditing . We are dedicated to accident prevention and environmental protection..

SafetySavvy Inc is also certified as External Auditors for the Alberta Construction Association (A.C.S.A), ENFORM ( Return to Work Certified), Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA) and is currently completing the external auditor process for the Alberta Safety Partnerships Association (AASP). SafetySavvy Inc. through a variety of occupational health and safety experience, training programs and auditing services has helped companies in Western Canada enhance their safety management system, working with manufacturers, large-scale food production, healthcare, major oilfield and gas companies and large scale oilfield service companies.

Our on-site support, site specific evaluations and contractor reviews offer real solutions that will garner optimum control over hazards and exposures that pose the risk of harm or danger to people, equipment, materials or the environment.